Could this meteorite be the second largest meteorite to be unearthed?

The Campo Del Cielo has recently added a new addition to its iron meteorites; the Gancedo a 30,800-kilogram meteorite which could quite possibly contend for the position of the second largest meteorite ever found on our planet.

However, with that said, before the Gancedo is crowned the second runner-up to the Hoba it will have to undergo further tests as it’s too soon to knock off the El Chaco from the second position. The Gancedo was unearthed approximately 670 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, near the border of Chaco.

The Gancedo was dated to approximately 4,000 years ago, to the time where a meteorite shower hit the region famously known as “the field of heaven”. There has been a lot of controversies surrounding the more than the 30-tonne recent discovery seeing that it could strip the second runner-up title from the El Chaco.

In that regard, El Chaco; a 37-tonne meteorite was unearthed in that same Argentinian region and was dubbed the second largest meteorite to be discovered on earth. It’s only second to the Hoba; the undisputed meteorite king of earth-based meteorites.

The Hoba weighs in at 66 tons and was unearthed almost a full century ago in Namibia’s Otjozondjupa region. But because of its sheer magnitude, it is yet to be fully excavated. It is thought to have hit the planet some 80,000 years ago and has been dated to between 190-410 million years ago.

The fact that the Gancedo was unearthed in the Campo Del Cielo, which borders the provinces of Santiago del Estero and Chaco and is an area filled with at least 26 meteorite craters with the largest measuring in at 377 by 298 feet does make you wonder what other hidden treasures the Campo Del Cielo could be hiding.

Currently, more than a 100 tons of space debris has been unearthed from the region thus far. The Gancedo was named after the neighboring town of Gancedo thanks to the machinery the town provided to prevent flooding of the discovery according to a Reddit commenter.

According to an interview, Mario Vesconi, the Astronomy Association of Chaco’s president was surprised at the sheer weight and size of the meteorite. He had expected it to be heavier than the other unearthed meteorites but the 30-ton Gancedo surpassed his expectations. Mr. Vesconi added that the meteorite would be weighed in again to confirm its weight and its initial readings.

Some estimates report that the meteorite is worth about $10-12 million. In an effort to outsmart potential looters who would wish to list it in the illegal meteorite trade near the Camp del Cielo, Mr. Vesconi told La Nacion that his team would be on site to search for other hidden meteorites in the area.

We can only hope the Gancedo will find its place in the history of meteorites and won’t add to the ton of meteorites that was almost smuggled out of the country in the previous year.

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