Space X to pioneer the new space voyage frontier to Mars in 10 years or less

Ever since the Apollo 11 moon mission we’ve have been dying to journey back into the cosmos. Our obsession with the cosmos is not a recent one, but when 200,000 people apply for a one-way trip to Mars, it’s no longer an obsession but an addiction.

However, this love affair is could soon be realized as Elon Musk recently announced a trip around the moon through his private company, SpaceX. There is a reason why we say “it’s rocket science” and any engineer worth his/her salt will tell you that rocketry isn’t easy or cheap.

Fortunately, through the years several spaceflight companies have stepped up to assist governmental space agencies to mainstream space voyage. Most notably is Elon Musk’s private spaceflight company; Space X which has significantly improved reusable rockets technology.

In doing so, this has significantly reduced the cost of space travel, enhanced our ability to voyage the cosmos and facilitate research study from outer space. Specifically, Space X is the first private spaceflight company to transport cargo to the ISS (International Space Station) in 2012.

It was previously only possible through world governments. Presently, Space X is working on a novel next-generation rocket, the Crew Dragon, which is designed to transport humans to the International Space Station.

Furthermore, if Elon Musk has any say in it, Space X will one-day ferry humans to Mars, possibly a one-way trip in 10 years or so. Ultimately, the space voyage frontier will be led by private spaceflight companies.

It is thanks to the re-usable boosters which are vital to reducing the cost of launching space crafts. According to the president of Space X, Gwynne Shotwell, it will mean that we won’t have to be building new rockets for each mission and it will lower cost of launches by 30%.

Moreover, Musk confirmed that reusable rockets are the key for an economically feasible space voyage industry. Seeing that a fully reusable rocket has never been previously achieved it will revolutionize space travel and could see the cost of space flight reduced by a factor of one hundred.

It means that cheap routine flights will be possible and will exponential increase the progress on commercial space trips and outer world exploration voyages and research. Simply put, a golden age of space voyage is being ushered in by private spaceflight companies.

Elon Musk revealed that two private citizens would be taken on a trip around the moon by his private spaceflight company, Space X. According to a statement by Musk, the two individuals have already paid a substantial amount of money as a deposit for the mission around the moon.

It is expected that training and medical tests will be conducted later this year. This flight will be the first moon mission in over 45 years, and the company emphasized that the two individuals will carry with them the spirit, dreams, and hopes of all humanity.

The Crew Dragon is expected to launch without any crew later this year followed by a crewed mission mid next year, 2018. Afterward, the company has plans for a moon mission which is a precursor to their main objective—sending humans to Mars.



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