The Earth May Be Surrounded By Hairy Filaments or Dark Matter Says Scientists

For decades, detecting dark matter is one of the many goals of the world’s leading scientists. However, a NASA scientist speculated that the earth may be surrounded by dark matter ever since the world began. Its form cannot be seen by the naked eye since it’s an invisible filament stretching all throughout the globe. It may be funny or impossible, but a solid calculation supports the hypothesis. If this is proven, this would really be a big help to scientists in knowing the mysterious dark matter which is 27% in the whole wide universe.


Dark matter does exist because the gravitational pull of objects can be measured. It is hard to detect, though, because it is invisible and light has no effect on it since it does not absorb or reflect. Scientists are sure that it exists because they were able to measure more than 1 percent accuracy. The known theory is that dark matter does not move much. Thus, it is cold, and because light has no effect, it is also dark.Research showed that dark matter gravitates particles moving at the same velocity and constantly orbit galaxies.

According to physicist Gary Prezeau from NASA, that a stream may be bigger than our solar system and many streams are intersecting the galactic neighborhood. Prezeau thought, what would happen to dark matter if it gets near to earth since regular matter would just bounce off the surface. Dark matter has a unique feature that allows it not to interact with regular matter; this would mean it can freely travel here in our world.

Prezeau showed that the earth is somehow still affected by dark matter. He used a computer simulation, and it showed the planet’s gravity bent and focused forming a hair-like filament when the dark matter passed the earth. Another amazing thing about the calculation is it revealed some areas concentrated of dark matter together with those hairy filaments. It is like the roots of the hair type of filaments.

These roots stretch 1 million km from the surface of the earth. This area, Prezeau predicted that the dark matter density would be 1 billion times more concentrated.

Prezeau also tried his computer simulation to Jupiter. The result was extraordinary. Dark matter passing Jupiter, its root would be around 1 trillion times denser. The Astrophysical Journal published a research for this.

If only we could determine the exact location of the roots, the probes would possibly be sent there to gather data, lots of data revealing dark matter, as mentioned by Prezeau. The findings of Prezeau could really help reveal the mystery of dark matter. Even without proof, scientists believe its existence. This could help as well in mapping out layers of different planets and make an assumption of how deep the oceans are on cold icy moons.

It’s still a hypothesis, but a brilliant one. It just needs to be studied further to support the hypothesis. Time will surely come that there will be a way to make the invisible, visible. In science, there are lots of possibilities.


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